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Welcome to this site which is a personal one! I intend to share some of the lessons learned in life and hope that they touch lives.

I will also share some of the wise sayings that I had come across in life..

Communications shared here are to build up lives rather than tearing them down.

Please, bear with me as I am still building my website.

Nehemiah 2: 18b



Teach me to think only of today

For yesterday is gone and tomorrow I may never see

Trusting you for my future

To hope for the things I cannot see

The world goes by what it sees

But let me go by what I hope in you

For faith is not seeing

But by hearing and doing Your Word

I cannot add an hour to my life

So, I leave my trust to the One who can

He knows what and why He has created me

So, I leave the rest to Him to do the best in me

When I feel the pressures of today

Let me feel The Hand that takes them away

When i see the darkness around me

Let me see The Light that shines with everlasting


by Grace

Gold Nuggets Discovered along Life's Highways


If everything else fails try the Manufacturer's Book.....Bible..


Don't ever give up! Keep on moving even if it means crawling! When you are alive there is still hope! You will stand up eventually!


I am so glad! I am not a mistake! God made me!


Worry is like a rocking chair! It gives you something to do but takes you nowhere.

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